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Company :: Overview

Decision Technologies, Inc. is a minority-owned small business providing technical support services and engineering consultancy. Our staff has extensive experience in RF Systems and Missile Sensors development, production transition, quality and reliability assesment, test and evaluation, and logistics support.

Our capabilities stem from experience. Decision's staff has been intimately involved with a wide variety of DOD systems:

  • AN/SPS-48E/G 3D air search radar development, production, life cycle support, and shipboard data collection and analysis
  • STANDARD Missile (SM-2 and SM-6) development, critical experimentation, and test and evaluation
  • MK45 Target Detecting Device development, production, upgrade, testing and data collection
  • MK23 TAS 2D air search radar upgrade concept exploration and shipboard data collection, among others.

    Our staff has a broad ranging skill set including RF systems architecture consulting and performance assessment, missile system sensor requirements definition, missile telemetry analysis, best manufacturing practices, production transition management, test planning and execution, best value analysis, RM&A engineering, and program management.